Jean Bremy Photo

Vince Martell, Tim Bogert, Pete Bremy

"Tim Bogert was certainly my bass hero, and certainly my most profound influence. I first saw him, Vince and the rest of the Fudge, in 1967 (see photos below), when I was 14 years old. What a thrill to finally meet him in 1998. Little did I know then, that when Tim would come down with pneumonia in 2002, that I would fill in for him in Vanilla Fudge with his blessing! Thanks, Tim!"

"The Shrine" - Most Vanilla Fudge fans think of the "Shrine" as the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California where the Fudge recorded the Break Song Live. To me, it's the Pleasureland Swim Club in Oakland, New Jersey. It's the first time I saw Vanilla Fudge in August of 1967. Pleasureland has been closed for many years, yet the run down pavillion still remains in 2002. I paid a visit there and took some photos. The photo at left is the overgrown pavillion, and the photo at right is what's left of the rotted out stage."

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