Pete Bremy Interviewed by Global Bass Magazine

Pete was interviewed by Global Bass Online, a magazine for bass players, in May 2001. Review of Vanilla Fudges Concert in Denmark is an online Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Magazine. Check out the cool review of Vanilla Fudge in Randers, Denmark. Pete filled in for the ill Tim Bogert at this one. Review of Cactus at B.B. King's, New York, May 2008

In May of 2008, Pete once again got the call from good friend Tim Bogert that he could not perform a Cactus show in New York due to a recurring illness. Click above for a review of the performance by



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Pete's Friends... alphabetically

Carmine Appice

What can be said about legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice? He started power drumming, before Bonham. In fact Carmine and Bonham were close friends. Pete had the extreme pleasure to work with Carmine and Vanilla Fudge in 2002.

Russ T. Blades

"Russ and I are the rhythm section for Vince Martell's (Vanilla Fudge) band. Aside from his talent and years of experience as a drummer, he is also a noted arranger and session man. "Please visit his site created by his lovely daughter Olivia!"

Tim Bogert

In the summer of 1967 as a fourteen-year-old kid, Pete stood at the feet of Tim Bogert on stage. Pete had been playing bass only a few months. It was at that moment, the legendary bassist of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck Bogert Appice inspired Pete to be the best he can be. Tim is still inspiring him to this day.

Tom Finger

Private one-on-one instruction for guitar in Northern NJ. A FREE TRIAL GUITAR LESSON is offered by longtime guitar teacher and performer, Tom Finger, with over 20 years experience as a guitar instructor.

I've known Tom for 10 years and he's a great player as well as instructor!

Fly By Nite

Fly By Nite is a rockin' New Jersey club band that Pete plays with on occasion. Check these guys out, they Rock!

Jeff Guenther

Jeff Guenther is not only my best friend, he's a truly amazing musician. He plays slide guitar wiht the best of them, and so many other styles. He's also a very accomplished songwriter and singer. Jeff's wife Annmarie is also one of Pete's favorite singers! Go check his site!

Billy Killoran

Singer/songwriter Billy Killoran is a great musician and good friend. Back in the 60's his band opened for Vanilla Fudge. He has just recorded his own CD and I played on his 9/11 inspired "Freedom" track. Please visit his site!

The Kootz

Rock 'n Roll.. With Fiber!

The Kootz is an amazing cover... well family. It's hard to call it just a band. They have been around for almost 10 years (as of 2009) and if you live in New Jersey, they play- everywhere, and everything boasting a play list nearing 1,000 songs! Kootz can be found in New York too. Pete is now very happy and proud to have been invited to become a part of the Kootz family. Check their official website out above, and become their friend on MySpace.

Vince Martell

"Vince Martell is probably the most unsung guitar player in Rock History" Even though his riff in Vanilla Fudge's You Keep Me Hanging On was voted the number 4 heaviest guitar riff of all time by Guitar Magazine, he still hasn't achieved the status he richly deserves. Check out Vince Martell. Pete has been Vince's bass player for since 2000.

Tiger Bill Meligari

"Bill and I went to High School together. Bill Meligari is truly one of the finest drummers I've ever met or worked with. He studied with jazz legend Joe Morello, who gave him the nickname Tiger Bill. He's published drum method books including a very popular one for double bass drum technique. Please visit Bill's site!"

David Sankey - Illustration and Design

David Sankey is a uniquely wonderful artist and designer, and a good friend! Check out his web site for his works and contact information.

Mark Stein

While Pete was influenced on bass by Tim Bogert and Paul McCartney, perhaps his biggest musical influence of all was Mark Stein of the Vanilla Fudge. "I remember the first time I saw the Fudge, and Mark Stein. I was, as I've said many times before, blown away by bassist Tim Boger. However, I kept being drawn back to Mark, his vocals, and his Hammond organ. So much so, he inspired me to learn a new instrument. No one else has done that to me before, and since. I'm proud to have his signature on my own Hammond now." Visit Mark Stein." (2006 - I'm also now proud to be his webmaster) (2007 - also proud to be his keyboard tech at Radio City Music Hall 8/7/07!!!)

Vanilla Fudge

"If you haven't guessed already, Vanilla Fudge had the most profound influence on me and my music. No, this is not the site that I maintain, but the current site for the most up to date news of the greatest Rock & Roll band ever."



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